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By law you must insure your vehicles against legal liability for injury to others and damage to property. This is commonly called “Third Party” cover. There are many industries and businesses that require this nature of cover and their requirements are generally met by the following suite of products:-

Fleet Insurance

This product is aimed at those businesses that require a flexible policy which can cope with having more than just one class of vehicle. Businesses can have a mixture of Cars, Vans, Trucks and Special Types such as Quad Bikes or even agricultural vehicles. Insurers are able to accommodate most classes of vehicles under one policy, which in turn is easier for the client to administer. Fleet policies tend to offer wider cover in respect of who can drive, mainly as if you have a 50 vehicle fleet it would be difficult to keep track of which employee is driving which vehicle. Insurers get around this by offering either unrestricted driving, or other age specific restrictions such as “any authorised driver 25 years and above”. By restricting driving in this way, insurers usually apply discounts. Insurers will also look favourably in respect of fleet Risk Management, such as taking copies of employee driving licences annually and providing handbooks/advice as what to do in the event of an accident.

Motor Trade Road Risks

A number of motor traders either operate from home or do not have premises to work from, such as a mobile mechanics. Insurers are able to offer cover for the Motor Traders own vehicles, along with the flexibility to drive other vehicles not owned by them (as long as they have permission of course!). We also have markets that can cater for traders who specialise in Sports Cars, Vintage/Classic cars or anything out of the ordinary.

Truck Insurance

This type of policy is aimed towards Haulage Companies who are involved with Hire & Reward, along with individual hauliers and truck drivers. Vehicles can have gross vehicle weights from 3.5T to 60T and driving ages of 17 > 69 can usually be accommodated.

Special Type Vehicles

There are times when cover is required for vehicles that do not fit into most drop down menus. These type of vehicles can range from Cranes, Excavators, diggers, fork lift trucks and agricultural vehicles. Insurance covers can be restricted should the vehicle not be plated or need road risks cover.

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