Commercial Property Owners Insurance

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This product is designed for Freeholders of commercial property, such as shops, offices and industrial premises.

Warehouses & Industrial Units

This policy is designed to primarily protect the building and Property Owners Liability. The actual premium calculation is based upon many factors but is certainly influenced by the trade/profession being undertaken at the property. For example a call centre would pose less risk to an insurer, than an engineering firm who may weld materials.

Unoccupied Commercial Property Insurance

There are times when leases expire or business fail leaving the property vacant for an undetermined time. The risks attributable to unoccupied commercial property are heightened, especially in respect of Theft, Malicious Damage and Escape of Water. We have a number of insurers who can accommodate cover for this nature of risk, so please let us find the best and most equitable solution for you.

Commercial & Residential Property Owners

There are times when a Freeholder will own a property that has a mixture of both Commercial & Residential Occupants. This is evident when walking down any high street. Under these circumstances, your insurance cover should be sourced by way of a commercial policy. The insurer will take into account the business being undertaken, but also include cover for the entire property, including maisonettes/flats. It is important when calculating your loss of rent cover that you factor in both the commercial and residential income element per annum.

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